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Director African Natural Resources Center

Marit Y. Kitaw   

Interim Director at African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) under African Union (seconded by UNDP) 

Profile Summary: Marit has a very impressive wide-ranging career to date having worked in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Zambia and Tunisia. She is an experienced economist having wrought in Climate Change, Natural resources management, specifically, minerals and extractive industries for economic transformation. Has a credible track record as in Policy, as a Technical Advisor, and Program Management. Has worked at very senior level with UNECA, UNDP, COMESA and African Minerals Development Centre.   Strong leadership and policy analysis credentials, with a sound knowledge of the issues facing Africa. Has a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and MBA focused on Economics. Speaks fluently in English, French, Portuguese, Amharic and had working knowledge of Spanish. 

Interview Notes 

Marit in her own words sincerely believes she is perfect fit for this post as an African woman with a Ph.D. in Economics and an MBA in Leadership with extensive experience of working at Senior Level across Africa. She is a leader and an expert in natural resources and minerals for sustainable development. As the ‘mother’ of the Africa Mining Vision, and a passion for Africa’s inclusive growth she believes she can really contribute. With 23 years of experience, with roles in the area of strategic thinking in mining, natural resources and resource-based industrialization policies, and economic governance she is well equipped to take on this critical role. 


Marit holds the AFDB in high esteem, she is excited about the position because she genuinely believes that AFDB is the probably the most important organisation that can really make an impact in Africa, it has the resources, people and credibility to help Africa to progress to economic sustainability. She wants to contribute to this. 


Marit is happy in her current role, but she feels she has more to give. She has worked extensively across Africa, with the AU, THE AFDB and others in Mozambique, Rwanda, Zamia and Ethiopia and she is extremely passionate about reducing inequality and helping in Africa making best use of its resources. For these reason above she believes this opportunity comes at the perfect time in her career, she feels it is a pivotal point where she brings her experience to bear fruition working in this role. 

Marit seems to have a good understanding of the requisite attributes for this role, and it is clear she has strong ability and skills in Collaborative networking, Building Partnerships, Building Teams and Providing Inspirational Leadership and Strategic Policy development. 

Marit’s current position is very relevant to this post. Her role as the Interim Director of the r (AMDC), through implementing the Africa Mining Vision (AMV), she has effectively steering AMDC towards its goal by having articulated and developed with the team a vision, a mission, strategies with selected African institutions working in the same field. In a short period, with a small team, AMDC was able to become a strong voice on the continent on issue related to minerals and a leader in the strategic thinking around Africa’s strategic green critical minerals that are essential for the global decarbonization agenda. The Interview panel may wish to probe deeper. 

Her Leadership ability was developed particularly in Her role as Chief Technical Advisor/ Program manager, on secondment to UNDP in Mozambique, where she led the design of the program on “Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development” and successfully mobilized resources and partnered with other entities. She oversaw the setting up of the Country Mining Vision for Mozambique.  and the formulation of a local content policy. She led the project on “Environmental Governance program (EGP) of the mining sector” with Swedish SEPA to address urgent environmental governance issues, to strengthen human rights and the rule of law in environmental public administration in Mozambique. In recognition, the Ministry of Mines offered her a ‘Certificate of honour’ for the ‘excellent teamwork and high quality’ of her work. These achievements in Mozambique enabled take forward the design and implementation of similar programs in Rwanda and Ethiopia at ECA, closely working with the AUC.    

In both of the above position where Marit led on strategy – managing change and dealing with many challenges, particularly around obtaining consensus on complex issues. She beeves it is critical ensure all stakeholders are given real opportunity to have their, to put their point across. This was particularly evident in Mozambique, she improved her Portuguese, through excellent thoughtful communication she gained respect and trust – enabling progress to consensus. 

At AMDC she provides strategic direction and leadership in managing the operationalization of the AMDC, developing and executing the overall strategy for the Centre.  

Marit has strong leadership capabilities evidenced throughout her CV in Maputo, Addis Ababa, she has progressively taken up challenging roles successfully, she believes she has the potential to be an Inspirational leader able engender respect and motivation, she believes in an open-door policy. 

Marit undertook an MBA in Leadership, and this greatly helped her understand herself and the importance having sufficient empathy   and understanding for those who were unable to work at her pace and level.  She has learned through MBA how to manage this and believes her emotional intelligence is enabling her to be more effective in the performance management of these matters.  

Consultants Assessment 

Marit is a very impressive candidate, she is articulate with excellent credentials. Has excellent language skills, very good understanding of working at a strategic level, with a wide range of stakeholders, including governments, IFI’s, the private sector, civil society and the Green Mineral agenda. She is well qualified to lead with over 20 years relevant experience.  She has led on complex strategic issues in Extractives and is strong on collaboration, networking in these complex areas. She has worked with AFDB as an AfDB resource person for the Big Table on ‘Managing Africa’s Natural Resources.’ In her current position as Interim Director of the African Minerals Development Centre She is effectively steering AMDC towards its goal by having articulated and developed with the team a vision, a mission and strategy. Marit has great potential, she is confident and has the credibility and determination to become an inspirational leader.  She greatly respects the AFDB and its missions, values and goals.  

Recommended for Interview – Marit has been in leadership roles but not extensively at senior level. She has great potential and credibility and should be seriously considered for interview (B+} To note has an MBA in Leadership 



Dr. Al-Hamndou Dorsouma 

  DoB – 1974 

 Nationality; Chadian, Bilingual in English and French 

 Availability: Negotiable 

 Profile: Currently Manager- Climate Change and Green Growth Division at AFDB  

A very experienced, highly qualified candidate with a successful career with AFDB, including having been Acting Director, Climate Change and Green Growth Has impressive credentials having led on the AFDB engagement at COP 27. Has a deep understanding of AFDB and complex issues related to operating in this environment. He has been involved in mainstreaming climate into policy-making and macroeconomic analysis and green growth. Having worked for three major international organizations in both the global South and North, including seven sustainable development programs, namely Climate, Biodiversity, Ocean, Agenda 2030, Deep Decarbonization Pathways, Agriculture, and Lifestyles. It seems he has played a significant role in positioning the African Development Bank as a leading global player on sustainable development and climate change agenda. He has worked on Designing the AfDB’s Ten-Year Strategy (2013-2022), which focuses on supporting Africa’s social inclusive and green growth transition.  



Dr. Al-Hamidou believes he is the perfect fit for this role, given his academic credentials and 20 years of relevant experience across the Natural Resources / Sustainability and Climate Change. He is extremely concerned, committed and passionate about protecting Africa’s resources.  With his 11 years in the African Development Bank and working with UNECA, UNDP, COMESA and African Minerals Development Centre he feels he has the credibility to make a significant contribution to make AfDB a lead institution on climate actions and climate-smart agriculture in Africa and the world. 



Dr. Al-Hamidou is very enthusiastic about the AFDB, the role they are playing currently and their contribution to date, and, more particularly their future plans for their work across Africa in key areas of mainstreaming climate into policy-making and macroeconomic analysis, climate-smart agriculture, finance, and green growth. He greatly wants to use his 20 years of experience of working in senior roles, at CoP in Glasgow, on The Green Growth Wall and across all the regions of Africa. He feels this is the ideal time for him to taken on this pivotal role with AFBD. 


He believes the key attributes required to effectively perform this role include Leadership, Effective Team building, Credibility and a deep understanding of the ABDB and across Africa. 


Dr Al-Hamidou has held various leadership positions at the international level, including as Senior Program Manager at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) in Geneva; and as Division Manager and Acting Director for Climate Change and Green Growth at the African Development Bank. All of which gives him the  

extensive experience in the fields of sustainable development natural resources management, green financing, sustainable agriculture and social inclusion. His has work in ory of developing flagship initiatives, including the $ 25 billion Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program and leading thought-leadership on climate policy and advocacy, including the organization of the Africa Pavilion at various global events such as the recently held COP 26 in Glasgow. He also played a key role in the Congo Basin Forest Fund Programme. 


He clearly understands the challenges of effecting successful programmes and collaboration between key stakeholders and is constantly working on developing his understanding and application of best practice across the Bank. 


The main challenges he has managed in his career revolve around achieving consensus amongst stakeholders in this very “politically “charged sector. He believes he understands how very important that detailed planning, coordination, networking and effective communication to achieve progress and success in the AFDB, Africa and Globally. His work in Glasow at COP 26 engendering consensus amongst key players in the approach to managing Africa’s Natural Resources and the Green Wall. It is suggested the interview panel probe this area, to understand the depth of his engagement. 


Dr Al-Hamidou   has managed a team of 50 plus team and been responsible for multibillion dollar programmes. He believes in leading by example and taking full responsibility for delivery of strategy and its implementation. He employs an open-door policy, he believes active listening and encouraging discussion 


Comments: Dr Al-Hamidou is well progress qualified and has deep understanding of the AFDB and the complexity of the issues. He comes across as thoughtful and knowledgeable. He is clearly deeply committed to supporting the Bank to progress the Climate Action agenda and most importantly protecting Africa’s Natural Resources and growing the Green Economy. He has a Vision for what this department could deliver to achieve sustainable development, ensuring protection of Natural Capital and safeguarding of Africa’s natural resources. 


Recommendation: The candidate will be well known to the AFDB – on the basis of our engagement we believe he is worthy of interview, given the commitment and his career to date 




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