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Chief, Public Sector

Job description: Chief, Public Sector (two positions)

Reporting to the Director General, Public Sector, this position will be responsible for guiding project team leaders in preparation, appraisal and negotiation of investment projects in key areas of NDB operations as defined by the General Strategy. 

This position will focus on sovereign, sovereign guaranteed operations and operations with subnational governments without sovereign guarantee.

Given the current lean staffing of the Public Sector Department, the candidate shall be ready, especially during the first months of the work, to act as a project team leader for preparation, appraisal and negotiation of investments projects and in doing so, bring about best international banking practices and sectoral experience.

Specific responsibilities include but not limited to:

•    Lead the internal project appraisal process including drafting concept note and project document to the board (and other project related documents), interfacing with other departments and divisions in the Bank for their inputs (environmental and social, procurement, governance, legal, risk, treasury, strategy, research, etc), negotiating with clients, preparing project documents for approval, and undertaking initial project monitoring activities until the first disbursement of the loan and its handover to NDB Regional Offices and Centres. 

•    Prepare proposals to the Management on new banking products and on optimization of business processes.

•    Conduct appraisal of operations in technical, fiscal, financial, economic, institutional, implementation and fiduciary aspects.

•    Conduct missions for project preparation, appraisal, and negotiation of transaction documents.

•    Build and develop sector knowledge, draft sector knowledge reports.

•    Provide technical inputs into the design of projects, incorporate sectorial, operational, and country lessons learned in the project preparation, and maximize NDB’s value addition throughout the processing stage. 

•    Advise clients on the preparation of the feasibilities studies, technical design, institutional capacity building with the focus on relevance, sustainability and problem-solving. 

•    Support the Regional Offices and Centres in project origination and supervision of implementation.

•    Keep abreast of the market developments, trends, opportunities and challenges in

infrastructure landscape and long-term financing and provide inputs to relevant

stakeholders on operations strategy, policies, budgets, business plan, etc.

•    Ensure compliance with all applicable policies, guidelines, systems and process

effectively for delivery of the lending and investment program in line with the Bank’s General Strategy.

•    Other duties and responsibilities assigned from time to time.